Starting as a grass roots station with the heart of NW Ohio in mind, 92.9 WDCM is a true alternative rock program with all the music we remember and a few we may have forgotten. We work to develop smart programming tailored to the community we love.

Our community is home to so much talent! Our objective is always to highlight local talent and bring a spotlight to local athletes and artists that are showcasing what makes Defiance such a great place to live! From Bulldog pride to your favorite local bands to non-profits making it a better world, we want to celebrate our community.

We are YOUR station. If you have something you want to hear, know of someone making a difference, whatever you’ve got, we’re happy to listen! Email us, find us on Facebook, whatever you need to do, we’d love to hear from you!


Time Out with Jake Frederick

Jake is a life long Defiance local athlete, coach and father. Born and raised in our home town, if he didn’t play it, he coached it. With his fingers on the pulse of everything that bounces and rolls, there are few in the area better equipped to bring you up to speed in our local athletes and the college teams we love. Tune in to hear what our favorite teams and students are doing in the world of sports.

Neighborhood Rock Block

Northwest Ohio is home to some amazing local musicians and it’s our job to bring that music to you. The Neighborhood Rock Block was designed to highlight local musicians and bring awareness to the talented men and women creating the music we love in our own back yard. Tune in every Friday from 7pm-8pm to hear new music from 4 new artists all month long.

If you are a musician and would like to be featured on the neighborhood rock block, contact Jen.

Rock N Roll Reach Out

We exist to support the community we love. That’s why once a year we choose an organization we see putting love and good out into our world. 95.5 (and 92.9) is committed to helping these organizations with monetary donations and awareness. If you belong to an organization bringing good things to our area, let us know!