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There is NOTHING quite like radio. Radio is fun; it’s a real time interaction with the community you can’t find in any other media outlet. It’s that song you haven’t heard since your junior year of high school (and ALMOST forgot about) mixed with all the memories that come with it. It’s your neighbor’s business getting a shout out, your break up anthem, your nephew’s winning score, it’s your senior prom song. Radio is that one jam that helps you make it through the last hour of your workday.

We at 92.9 WDCM are PASSIONATE about this industry. With almost 70 combined years in the radio business, that passion carries through from the music we play to way we give back. We get to know YOU and what you as community members want to hear.



Our mission is to provide the community of Defiance with a fun listener-guided station. A station with minimal interruptions that gives back and reaches into the community we love.

Take a minute to look around. Have something you want to hear? Shoot us a message on our Facebook page. Thinking about becoming a sponsor? Call or email Jen, she can give you all the info you need. Are you a non-profit organization that needs to get the word out about the amazing services you offer? Let us help you help our community.

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